Yoga’s Power to Cure Depression

Yogically speaking, depression is Moodha state of mind in which the pattern of energy is dark, dull and lethargic. A feeling of stagnancy hangs like a thick black cloud. Energy is a river: it has to flow.

Psychologically, depression is a mindset fixated either in the past or the future; an acute inability to acknowledge now & here in the present moment. Such a resistance creates a toxic state of mind which is generally categorized as ‘Negativity”.

Yoga is a methodology to cleanse the human system and get rid off any blockages. A dedicated practice recalibrates the inner functioning, restoring its natural vitality. 

A human being is a psychosomatic entity .It is easier to handle the body first for any kind of transformational works. Mind is always subtle and complicated. Therefore regular Asana practice detoxifies the physical dimension resulting in suppleness and flexibility.. Pranayama practice brings about an awareness of one’s own breathing, inducing a certain calmness in the mind. it also increases the vitality in the human system.

An adherence to Yama and Niyama purifies the mental dimension. And practice of Meditation is the only way to the understanding of oneself which effects its total transformation ultimately.

To sum up, regular practice of Yoga increases the level of vigour physically and mentally. Yoga is a potent antidote to stress and depression,

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