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 OmTatSat Yoga was created with our deepest intention to provide you with tools that are taking you closer to your essence. It is  where you can find balance, harmony and vitality required for your inner journey. Relax & enjoy a personalized yoga experience in our comfortable sanctuary.

Be a Certified Teacher

To teach and share what you know is the surest way to deepen your yogic practice and also to carve a niche as an experienced professional.

Online: Philosophy & Anatomy

Yoga is a dull mechanical affair without imbuing its philosophical principles. Here is the Yoga Philosophy in a nutshell for your easy comprehension. Anatomical study, on the other hand, focuses on the joint-muscle movements, Asana analysis and Yogic anatomy.

Get Revitalized through Retreats

Find that magical balance & harmony amidst the hectic bustle of daily pressures & deadlines by withdrawing into Retreats once in a while.

Drops-In: Asana & Meditation

Regular Asana practice is the favorite choice of many who wants to be free from the damage of a sedentary modern lifestyle. And life is simply impossible without learning to meditate moment to moment for our mental health equilibrium.

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